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Kurt Simpson | Executive Producer


2315 Locust St. Suite 5, St. Louis MO 63103


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The Shop is a full-service production company, content studio, post-production, and creative collective.

We have stellar instincts, supported by a borderline-insane work ethic. We are professional, over-prepared, insured, and eager to please. We do great work, because we care deeply about the process.

Our resourcefulness keeps our work lively, and our approach fresh. We keep it fun for the people involved, and those good vibes always show up on the film. 

To us, every project is an opportunity to impress, to exceed expectations, to make miracles happen. Because great work isn’t created simply by owning gear, it's born from a meticulous and concentrated effort, backed by years of experience. 

Bring us a project, and let us show you how good it can be.